Clinicopathological Correlation Meetings 

Our CPC (Clinicopathological Correlation) meetings were introduced in 2017. We found that it was rare for our clinicians to discover from autopsy information, the cause of death in our patients. Autopsy information was rarely fed-back to our clinicians, and likewise, our clinicians only rarely had an opportunity to give input to the coronial processes. This meant that learning from cases was not maximised. Our traditional ‘Death and Disability’ meetings did not contain autopsy information so we were frequently limited in our case analysis, particularly the impact of our interventions on the potential for survival. 

A CPC meeting involves our own team members and our forensic pathology colleagues. Due to the nature of our work, many of our patient stories are investigated by HM Coroner. Where they are able, our forensic pathology team discuss autopsy findings with us, and we give input into the clinical thoughts at the time of the case, the rationale for interventions, and we learn about the accuracy of our clinical diagnoses, and of the effects of any interventions on our patients. This has created a culture where the feedback loop for clinicians is more complete, and where we can learn from our cases. 

CPC meetings are part of our Golden Hour Project, and the work has been presented at our Golden Hour Conferences in 2018 and 2019.