Masters in Trauma Sciences Summer School

The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care annually hosts students from the masters in trauma science course for their summer school. The masters in trauma science is organized by the centre for trauma sciences at Queen Mary University. Students from a range of backgrounds and from across the world join us for a ‘taster’ day in pre-hospital medicine.

Sessions include:

  • Human factors and performance in prehospital care
  • The epidemiology of prehospital trauma
  • Mechanisms of injury and diagnostic pearls in the prehospital phase
  • Prehospital resuscitative thoracotomy and advanced interventions
  • The dispatch of helicopters to injured patients
  • A global perspective of prehospital trauma care
  • Prehospital transfusion, the ‘code red’, and prehospital reversal of traditional and novel anticoagulation
  • Prehospital management of brain injured patients
  • Extrication
  • Practical scenarios