The Pre-Hospital Care Course

We have run the Prehosptial Care Course (PHCC) since 2006. The course runs three times per year and is our core course, used for the training of all our new doctors and paramedics. The course is also open to allied organisations and individuals who hold similar governance and quality infrastructure in their practice.

We have been lucky to host many hundreds of doctors and paramedics at this course, from prehospital services across the world. Some of the attendees have gone forward to set up and run services of their own, with the principles learned used as a basis for the formation of new air ambulance (and other) organisations.

The course curriculum is designed around the common, important pathologies that present to prehospital clinicians. Based on our own expertise, the main focus of the course is trauma, with time allocated to complex medical emergencies that are faced by prehospital teams. The course is delivered in a spiral fashion, with material building over the 7 course days. Days four, five and six place a focus on high fidelity scenarios. These scenarios place an emphasis on both technical and non-technical skills required to work in a high-performing air ambulance system. 

Candidates who attend the course are expected to take part in an exam. The exam has three components:

  • Short Answer Question Paper
  • Exam moulage
  • Inverted summative clinical assessment (ISCA)

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are provided with the Course Badge, that they can proudly display on their uniforms during their shifts.

Our London’s Air Ambulance team members undergo additional patient focussed training and assessment prior to operating solo.       


PHCC faculty with our amazing group of helpers from the London Ambulance Service

Scenario training on the May 2019 PHCC 


PHCC October 2019 cohort