• Mel Wilson

    Olympic silver medallist and double Olympian in Rowing

  • Dr Chris Shambrook

    Performance Psychologist GB Rowing Team

  • Dr Teodor Grantcharov

    Staff surgeon and Professor of Surgery. St Michaels Hospital and the University of Toronto

  • Dr Cliff Reid

    Pre-Hospital Critical Care and Emergency Physician Sydney HEMS and Mona Vale Hospital

  • Alex Wolf

    Head of Strength and Conditioning English Institute of Sport

  • Chris Nickson

    Emergency Physician, Intensivist, and ICU education lead The Alfred Hospital Melbourne

  • Marc Jones

    Professor of Stress and Emotion at Staffordshire University

  • Sam Vine

    Senior Lecturer in psychology and movement science University of Exeter

  • Kate Kellogg

    Emergency Physician, Applied Safety Scientist and Associate Medical Director National Centre for Human Factors in Healthcare at MedStar, Washington; and Assistant Professor Georgetown University

  • Charlotte Krahé

    Post Doctoral Researcher in Cognition in Emotional Disorders and Resilience Kings College London

  • Esther Murray

    Lecturer in Health Psychology Queen Mary University of London

  • James Harris

    High Performance Coach GB Rowing Team

  • Dr Jenn Bennett

    Senior Sport Psychologist, People and Team Development Consultant The Football Association

  • Scott Weingart

    Clinical Associate Professor, Chief - Division of Emergency Critical Care, Director - Resuscitation and Acute Critical Care Unit, Stony Brook Hospital New York USA

  • Danë Goodsman

    Reader in Medical Education and Academic Lead for Prehospital Medical Education

  • Dr Ali Sanders

    Chief of Service for Emergency Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Lead Doctor for the Emeritus team at London’s Air Ambulance

  • Dr Tom Evens

    Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Assistant Medical Director at London Ambulance Service

  • Dr Gareth Grier

    Institute Director and Education Lead, Consultant with London’s Air Ambulance and Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Care at Barts Health NHS Trust/The Royal London Hospital

  • Dr Gareth Davies

    Medical Director of London’s Air Ambulance, Institute Innovation Lead, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Pre-hospital Care & Emergency Preparedness with Barts Health NHS Trust

  • Milton Jones

    Stand-Up Comedian

  • Shelly Jeffcott

    Strategy Implementation and Quality Improvement Manager at the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS)

  • Dr Peter Brindley

    Critical Care Physician at the University of Alberta Hospital

  • Dr Chris Hicks

    Emergency Physician and Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

  • Sally Phillips

    Comic Actress and Writer

  • Vicki LeBlanc

    Chair of the Department of Innovation in Medical Education at the University of Ottawa and the Director of the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre