Pan London Trauma Nursing Conference 2019

By Nurses - For Nurses

'What does outstanding nursing care look like?'


The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance mission is to drive excellence in pre-hospital care standards and practice through research, innovation and education; and by fostering collaboration across medical disciplines and institutions dedicated to improving outcomes for people afflicted by critical injury and illness.

The Institute remains closely aligned with London’s Air Ambulance, sharing its clinical and organisational leadership teams; drawing on its case studies to inform priorities; and collaborating to develop new clinical interventions, conduct research and educate the next generation of pre-hospital care experts. 

London's Air Ambulance delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work and travel within the M25. The doctor - paramedic team undertake approximately 2,000 missions per year and operates 24 hours/day using rapid response cars and a helicopter in daylight hours. The service hands over patient care to one of the four dedicated Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) in the London Trauma Network. 

These four MTCs form part of the Pan London Major Trauma System which together with the 35 Trauma Units (TUs) provide a continuum of care for all injured patients within the Greater London area plus parts of Essex, Kent and Surrey regions. The MTCs have resources available 24 hours a day to manage severely injured patients, while the TUs are responsible for the local management of patients with less severe injuries. The TUs are also responsible for the admission and ongoing care of patients who are repatriated from the MTCs after the acute management of their injuries.  

About the Conference

Our second Pan London Trauma Nursing Conference brings another exciting opportunity for any nurses involved in the care of trauma patients in London to share wisdom and experience. Building on the successes of the inaugural 2017 conference our team are bringing together an exciting new programme and format that will encourage discussion, the sharing of ideas and networking. 

Through interactive case reviews and presentations, 450 nurses will come together to establish 'what outstanding nursing care looks like' in each case. Emulating ideas from elite sport, the conference aims to define the highest possible standards in performance for our nursing teams in delivering care to those who are injured. The conference is targeted at nurses who work in trauma units or major trauma centres, those who have extensive or minimal involvement in trauma as part of their routine practice, and will explore how we define gold standard care in any nursing setting. 

We will be sharing ideas on how nurses who care for injured patients can obtain access to additional support and advice, the essential role of charities in offering a huge range of resources beyond those traditionally available, and how nurses have learned lessons directly from the experience of patients and their families. 

Thanks to the generosity of Stewarts, the conference is free of charge to Pan London Major Trauma System nurses, including food and drink. We are extremely fortunate to be hosted once again, at the conference facilities of the Emirates Stadium. Conference organisers will be in touch very soon with each hospital within the Pan London Major Trauma System to provide details of how tickets will be allocated. 

In the meantime, please save the date for this amazing opportunity, and help us define 'what outstanding care looks like' for each of our patients, and their loved ones.