The London Performance Psychology in Medicine Symposium is a meeting for clinicians, cognitive and sports psychologists, safety experts, elite performers and educationalists - in fact, anyone directly involved in delivery of pre-hospital care who is interested in improving our ability to deliver complex patient-care under pressure.

We have always been curious about how to best equip clinicians to perform in challenging situations. Although safe systems are an important way to provide safe care; there are circumstances where optimising the human within the system makes a clinical difference.

Pre-Hospital and Critical Care services have a long history of learning from non-medical high-performance organisations. Now we invite this global community of practice to meet together along with exciting speakers from across the performance world, to discuss how best to understand and study this important field.

Venue: Perrin Lecture Theatre, The Blizard Institute
Date:24 June 2017
Contact: Bryony Dunne - Education Manager -