Student Spotlight

Megan Annetts - iBSc Alunmni

"I was a student at The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care in 2017-18, I was also fortunate to be a Beaverbrook Scholar the same year. The scholarship enabled me to immerse myself in the Intercalated BSc in Prehospital Medicine and engage in extracurricular opportunities. This has proven invaluable in helping me fulfil my representative role this year. 


I interrupted my studies after my penultimate year of medicine when I was elected to be President of Barts and the London Students’ Association. Following the resignation of my colleague I have also now found myself as the Acting President of the wider Queen Mary Students' Union. It is safe to say when I ran in the elections in February of 2019 I was not anticipating a global pandemic to occur during my term. My experiences during my intercalated degree prepared me for the challenges I have been faced with. 


One of the highlights of the iBSc was learning about human factors, how to  recognise them and mitigate their impact. We studied the theory of them in our Integrated Topics Module (ITM), witnessed them on our clinical shifts and reflected about the experience in our portfolios. The ability to reduce human error through checklists, delegation and crew resource management has enabled me to represent and lead the student body far more effectively this year. Another quality that I developed during the iBSc was resilience and identifying my support networks.  Over the last few months this has been incredibly important with the increase in the quantity and importance of my work. I have used this and my knowledge on moral injury and burnout to work with staff to create support programmes for the students who are involved in helping the NHS with the response to COVID-19.


As we look to the future I am applying more areas we covered in ITM including governance and education. Medical education across the year groups will not return to how it was before the pandemic and I feel very privileged to be leading on the student voice at such a critical time. 


This time next year I will hopefully be a doctor and I hope to continue my passion in improving medical education. Despite the stress I can also see myself pursuing further leadership positions and ultimately a career in emergency medicine.”

Megan Annetts, iBSc Alumni

President, Barts and The London Students' Association