Latest project update -  Dr. Mike Kim, Senior Fellow in Knowledge Innovation, The Golden Hour Project


" My role as the Golden Hour Fellow has been exciting and challenging at times. Following on from the first Golden Hour Conference - Why do injured patients die, we have been able to continue our close working relationship with the Senior Coroner from Walthamstow, Nadia Persaud. She visited us at the helipad and has even been on a medic 2 shift as an observer - a first of its kind! Dr Shirley Radcliffe, Coroner from Westminster, also followed suit with a visit and an observer shift. Through these visits and observer shifts, we were able to showcase what The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care and London's Air Ambulance do and really put into context why our relationship with the coroners is so important. As a result, obtaining post mortem reports from Walthamstow and Westminster has been easier, although other coroners are still somewhat challenging. 

Excitingly, we have been able to attend several forensic post mortem examinations - we have had several HEMS doctors and HEMS paramedics who were able to observe our forensic pathologist Dr. Ben Swift do his work on patients that  London's  Air Ambulance attended to. These sessions have been incredible educational, informative and thought-provoking. 

Our monthly Clinico-Pathological Correlation (CPC) meetings continue to be as popular as ever - in these sessions we pick apart cases where a patient died, with the benefit of having the post mortem findings available. Dr. Ben Swift has been instrumental in obtaining the post mortem reports. In the future, CPC meetings will be a more frequent feature - hopefully a fortnightly affair, depending on the availability of Dr. Ben Swift. 

Looking into the future, I hope that we can gain additional resource to help with the Golden Hour project, especially collecting data and contacting the coroners on a regular basis."

Dr. Mike Kim, Senior Fellow in Knowledge Innovation, The Golden Hour Project