Student Dissertations and use of The Institute's Collateral 

The dissertations referenced below were written by the students of the Intercalated BSc in Pre-Hospital Medicine and are owned by the students themselves and The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care and Queen Mary University of London, except for quotations from published sources which are clearly indicated and acknowledged in the individual dissertations. Should you wish to use or reference any of the content included in these dissertations, you must obtain the explicit, written permission of The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care. If you would like to apply for permission, please send the following information to

  • Name, organisation and contact information 
  • Description of what collateral you would like to use; and where, how and why you would like to use it  

Permission is at the complete discretion of The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care. We will contact you if we need more information about your request; and if we are able to grant it we will email you written approval, electronic artwork, and any conditions for use. 

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission to drive excellence in pre-hospital care standards and practice.